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Hi and thanks for visiting! This site contains information about me and my work. I'm the author of more than forty-five books for young readers of all ages. I'm also a freelance children's book editor and writing coach (see my editing page for rates) and a member of the MFA faculty in the Writing for Young People program at Lesley University.

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Coming this August:


CURSE OF THE EVIL LIBRARIAN is the third book in the Evil Librarian trilogy.

I'm so excited to finally be able to share this gorgeous cover!! (SO MANY THANKS to the amazing Matt Roeser, who designed all of the incredible Evil Librarian jackets.)


Here's the back cover copy.


DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ BOOKS 1 and 2 YET! You have been warned.


Cynthia Rothschild's world is finally just as it should be. The evil librarian Mr. Gabriel has been locked up safe in the demon world ever since their showdown over the summer at theater camp. All her friends are still alive and no one's been attacked or possessed by demons for months now. Plus, this year's fall musical is going to be Les Misérables, which means Cyn gets to create the most incredible barricade set design in all of high school theater history and her boyfriend, Ryan, is sure to land his dream role of Javert. They're clearly going to have an amazing senior year. So why can't Cyn relax and trust that things are really okay?


Maybe it's because meanwhile, down in the demon world, an epic mishandling of Mr. Gabriel's essence leads to his escape. The newly free evil librarian places a curse on Ryan, forcing Cyn to return to the demon world to make a deal for a Ryan's life. But what she has to do to save him will make Mr. Gabriel more powerful than he's ever been before.


Will Cyn and her friends ever be able to bring down the final curtain on Mr. Gabriel once and for all?