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Revenge of the Evil Librarian

Revenge of the Evil Librarian is the second book in the Evil Librarian trilogy.


The summary below contains some spoilers for the first book, so stop reading now if you still haven't read book 1!


Last fall, Cynthia Rothschild saved her best friend, Annie, from the demon librarian, Mr. Gabriel. But now all that demon stuff is over, and Cyn is ready to have the best summer ever—at theater camp (!) with her former crush and now boyfriend (!!), Ryan Halsey. Once she gets to camp, though, Cyn finds some very unpleasant surprises … including that the demon stuff is not as entirely over as she had hoped. At least any new demons that show up to ruin her summer

can't possibly be as evil as Mr. Gabriel, who is, thankfully, very dead now. It's not like he could come back to life to seek his terrible revenge or something. RIGHT?


Here's what some of the reviewers have said:


"Knudsen brilliantly combines just the right amount of witty, dark humor with truly heart-pounding horror to keep the reader racing to turn the page. Fans of both humor and horror will find a great match with this book and will likely be pulling for a third installment."

VOYA Magazine


"Returning readers will love hearing from Cyn again, who narrates her story with aplomb and keeps readers laughing despite the hellfire and danger around every corner. A pleasing and excellently evil mix of regular theater kids with highly irregular death."
Booklist Online


"Take one part humor, add an equal part horror, and spice with teenage drama (musical and romantical) for a (slightly grim) laugh...Campy, from the setting to the humor to the horror, and all the better for it."
Kirkus Reviews


"The humor, horror, and drama of the previous book are all here, and the while the conclusion is mostly happy, signs point to yet another trip to Hell for Cyn, so readers can look forward to more demonic mayhem."
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books


"Cyn's realistic, slightly snarky, narration and non-stop action will carry readers through a roller-coaster storyline full of humor and horror. And then there is that agreement between Cyn and the demoness to pull readers into the next book."

Literacy Daily